Advanced Creativity

Starts12 June 2023
Duration5 weeks
Limited Slots25
Price700 euros
CertificateSHIFTA by Elisava

How can we be more creative? How can we have more original ideas that add value? What do we need to be more decisive?

In the Short Course in Advanced Creativity you will discover and exercise your creative abilities. You will learn to integrate creativity from a new paradigm to improve the creative process and obtain more disruptive, original and innovative results.

The purpose of the course is to align all profiles. The content that is given is very disruptive so, in the first two days, the information is given to start everyone from the same level and understanding, both to the individual and to the professional.

  • Use hybridization as a generator of new values: ideas, products, brands, services, professions.
  • Gain fluency to generate a large number of ideas / solutions to any challenge in any area of personal or professional life.
  • Discover and improve the creative and innovative capacity to work within an organization.

  • Another way of seeing
    • The paradigm shift of creativity.
    • How creativity should be understood today.
    • Creative process.
    • The creative focus: the vision of purpose.
    • Creative awareness.
  • Personal creativity
    • What is creativity and where to find it?
    • Creativity blocks.
    • Creative anxiety and the thieves of creativity.
    • Aspects of creativity: flexibility / transversality / connectivity.
    • The power of imagination.
    • The transmutation of ideas: from chaos to order
    • Creativity and assertiveness.
  • Creative power
    • Hacking the mind for the creative future.
    • How do ideas develop?
    • World of ideas vs. object ideas.
    • Generative creativity techniques.
    • Tools for generating ideas.
    • Generation of a Creative Galaxy.
  • Ideating with and for people • Ideas with value.
    • Problems / Needs / Challenges / Objectives / Challenges
    • People-centered creativity: (empathy map, value proposition)
    • Creativity in Design Thinking.
    • CPS (Creative Problem Solving)
  • Your idea in motion
    • Give it form: conceptualize and define.
    • Creative process / Action plan.
    • Creative milestones.
    • Results presentation. How to teach the idea?
    • Final delivery and conclusions.

  • Students from creative fields who want to approach the labor market and learn to handle the necessary tools to access it.
  • Freelancers and creative entrepreneurs with the ambition to know the rules of the market and work on their go-to-market strategy.
  • Designers, illustrators, photographers, animators and creative professionals in general who intend to start a business activity and carry out optimal management of it.
  • To creators and creatives who want to professionalize their work activity.

  • Flexibility to combine training with the rest of your professional and personal responsibilities. 
  • Tutored training. The trainer will accompany you to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the program. 
  • Resources available on campus. 
  • Practical activities. 
  • Synchronous videoconferences with teachers. 
  • Videoconferences are held between 18h -22h CET compatible with all time zones. 
  • Workload: 15h per week.

Marc Segarra
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