Advanced Creativity

Starts12 February 2024
End17 March 2024
Limited Slots25
Price800 euros
CertificateSHIFTA by Elisava

The Short Course in Advanced Creativity is based on the Creativikit® method, a co-creation method that focuses on finding innovative solutions through creativity training. 

It is based on Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Gestalt Psychology. Through 4 steps, participants will learn to achieve creative, innovative, and viable solutions.

The objective of this course is to enhance participants' creativity and provide a creative framework to systematize the search for new ideas. 

You will learn to think beyond the obvious and contribute holistic creativity to generate new solutions for any challenge that comes your way. You will acquire a set of steps to train your creativity, which can be applied in your work to empower your creative confidence. 

The course will provide training, tools, dynamics, and exercises that you can apply in practice. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge and tools gained in a final project.

  • Learn about the key aspects that influence creativity and how to train them to achieve a creative mindset.
  • Learn a creative framework focused on action.
  • Empower yourself with new resources, tools, dynamics, and creativity exercises to put into practice.
  • Gain the necessary security and creative confidence to apply in your project.

  • Train your creativity.
    • Creative confidence: you are creative.
    • Why is creativity so important?
    • The formula of creativity.
    • Aspects that influence creativity.
    • Perception and lateral thinking.
    • The wildcards of creativity.

  • Search for new opportunities.
    • How to creatively find opportunities to innovate. 
    • Finding opportunities from empathy.
    • The power to observe to innovate.
    • Context analysis and trends. 
    • The opportunity formula. 
    • The importance of asking good questions: How to build a creative challenge.

  • Idea generation.
    • Divergent and convergent thinking. 
    • The 8 elements of divergent thinking. 
    •  The 4 basic premises of an ideation session. 
    • Creativity techniques. 
    •  Convergent thinking. 
    • Tools for prioritization and selection of ideas.

  • From idea to action.
    • How to land my idea. 
    • Understanding the prototyping process. 
    • Validation of ideas. 
    • Tools to make ideas come true. 
    • Communicate from the Purpose.
    • Artificial Intelligence and its impact on business creativity.
    • AI to help teams generate ground breaking creative ideas.

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to be more creative and explore a structured creativity method focused on action.
  • Individuals interested in learning the steps to apply a creativity method for identifying and creatively solving challenges and problems.
  • Individuals involved in change processes.
  • Consultants and business developers.
  • Human resources and marketing directors.
  • Facilitators of innovation processes.
  • Individuals in need of exploring new business opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and managers passionate about innovation.
  • Professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of creativity.
  • Individuals who wish to improve and enhance their creative skills in a practical manner.

  • Flexibility to combine training with the rest of your professional and personal responsibilities. 
  • Tutored training. The trainer will accompany you to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the program. 
  • Resources available on campus. 
  • Practical activities. 
  • Synchronous videoconferences with teachers. 
  • Videoconferences are held between 18h -22h CET compatible with all time zones. 
  • Workload: 15h per week.

Diana Pinos Cañibano
Diana Pinos Cañibano Experta en Creatividad. Creadora de Creativikit® LinkedIn

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