Architecture and Urban Environmental Design

Startsoctober 17th 2022
Duration5 weeks
Limited Slots25
Price700 euros
CertificateSHIFTA by Elisava

  • In this program, you will acquire an overview of the field of sustainability in the built environment. 
  • As cities around the world continue to expand, the design of healthy, resource-efficient and socially just architecture becomes a critical issue. 
  • This course will equip you with analytic tools for sustainable building design. 

  • Architecture and Urban Environmental Design Course offers a critical understanding of the sustainability challenges faced in urban regions around the globe. 
  • By exploring real case studies in the built environment, the course overviews some of the major themes in sustainability. 
  • This will equip you with tools to develop and apply your own sustainable design strategies to your projects in real life.

  • What is Environmental Design?
    • Design problems from a sustainable perspective
    • Ecological design principles
    • Relationships among ecosystems, energy and resource flows
    • Human, social and cultural values: users and stakeholders
  • Ecology and Social Sustainability
    • Ecological and cultural systems
    • Environmental and social justice
    • Equity, gender and disabilities
  • Resources: Water, Energy and Waste
    • Urban water supply and management
    • Sustainably-powered built environment
    • Resources in developing countries
    • Upcycling waste
    • Green urban policies
  • Current Sustainability Crisis: Resilience, disasters and climate change
    • Crisis: Urban resilience and disasters
    • Anthropogenic climate change
    • Disasters and climate change refugees
  • What´s next? Opportunities for a more Sustainable Future Built Environment
    • Future narratives
    • Imagining and re-envisioning architectural and urban settings
    • Final Submission

  • Architects
  • Urban Planners
  • Developers
  • Realtors
  • Design Thinkers and sustainability consultants
  • Individuals with an in interest in sustainability and its application in the built environment

  • Flexibility to combine training with the rest of your professional and personal responsibilities. 
  • Tutored training. The trainer will accompany you to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the program. 
  • Resources available on campus. 
  • Practical activities. 
  • Synchronous videoconferences with teachers. 
  • Videoconferences are held between 18h -22h CET compatible with all time zones. 
  • Workload: 15h per week.

Marta Catalán
Marta Catalán PhD Architect and Urban Designer LinkedIn

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