Editorial Design

Startsoctober 16th 2023
Duration6 weeks
Limited Slots25
Price700 euros
CertificateSHIFTA by Elisava

The course’s structure is derived from the key phases of an editorial project. From the very beginning, we will be working simultaneously in both key areas: Theory and Practice. The theoretical part of the course will always establish a common knowledge base that will then be applied in the same week’s exercise.

The idea behind this model is to base design decisions on theoretical knowledge and to provide orientation and a reliable process to the students.

The practical part of the class aims to create a studio-like atmosphere and provides the framework for the very important step of applying and implementing theoretical knowledge into a design project.

  • Identify an interested target group and develop an editorial project.
  • Development of Editorial Structure and Content Plan.
  • Conceptualize and Design Development from the initial phase.
  • Design of the Sequence and editorial as well as visual structure of a publication
  • Detailed Insight into all the related fields of Graphic Design involved in editorial design.

  • Basics, Inspiration, Topic & Paper
    • Theory: Types of Paper and their Usage 
    • Project Brief & Case Studies 
    • Brief: Project Ideas and Investigation 
    • Individual Project: Develop Project Idea, search Content 
    • Webinar: How to find the perfect Project
  • Idea, Format and Concept
    • Theory: Inspiration, Moodboards, Intro Page Design 
    • Select your format and develop a layout grid 
    • Step-by-Step-Tutorial: Format, Columns and Margins 
    • Individual Project: Designing first Pages 
    • Webinar: Grids: Blessing or Curse
  • Typography, Typesetting & Rhythm
    • Theory: Intro: The different types of Type 
    • Typography applied 
    • Typesetting: The nitty-gritty 
    • Brief and Tutorial: Design a full chapter 
    • Individual Project: Design a full chapter 
    • Webinar: Interesting Case Studies
  • Cover Design, Materials & Finishes
    • Theory: Covers: Idea Development and Design 
    • Different Cover Materials and Cover Types 
    • Special Printing Effects 
    • Tutorial: Cover Design in 3 Steps 
    • Individual Project: Design 2 different Covers using Special Materials
    • Webinar: Create the perfect Cover for your Project 
  • Binding, Pre-Press & Finishing Steps
    • Theory: Binding 
    • Pre-Press Basics 
    • How to write Print-Specifications 
    • Individual Project: Design your Table of Contents, Finish the Design, prepare your final Presentation 
    • Webinar: Select Interior Materials and Special Effects
  • Project Presentation
    • How to present a Project 
    • Individual Project: Mockups, Prepare Final Presentation 
    • Webinar: Last review and Doubts, Q&A

  • Designer for the media who creates a corporate image of programs with their corresponding labels
  • Designer for social networks
  • Designer in the publishing sector

  • Flexibility to combine training with the rest of your professional and personal responsibilities. 
  • Tutored training. The trainer will accompany you to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the program. 
  • Resources available on campus. 
  • Practical activities. 
  • Synchronous videoconferences with teachers. 
  • Videoconferences are held between 18h -22h CET compatible with all time zones. 
  • Workload: 15h per week.

Reinhard Steger
Reinhard Steger design & art Website
Stefan Amann
Stefan Amann Proxi design Website

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