Innovation & Service Design

STARTSOctober 16th 2023
ENDNovember 19th 2023
PRICE 800 euros

Today's organizations face complex and often cross-disciplinary challenges with ever-changing customer expectations in today's society. 

 Maps present information about the world in detailed yet easy-to-understand images, helping to navigate unfamiliar roads and complex journeys. Maps are versatile and prove to be a critical tool for focusing on user needs, identifying opportunities, aligning teams, communicating a shared vision, whilst reducing operating costs and shaping efficient business processes.

In the Short Course in Innovation & Service Design we will understand how service mapping techniques are based on design thinking and service design thinking disciplines.

We will look at how they range from emotive individual stories to complex ecosystem descriptions and are key to helping multi-disciplinary teams collaborate to address complex problems such as policy development, supply chain design, strategy and service design. 

 We will understand how mappings ensure that outcomes are designed from the perspective of the service user or customer.

  • Understand how service mapping techniques are based on design thinking and service design thinking disciplines
  • Understand how mappings ensure that outcomes are designed from the perspective of the service user or customer.
  • Design improvement processes to meet business objectives and improve user experiences will be explained.
  • Explore the narrative of the experience in a real, close and emotional way.
  • Synthesize and represent information in an easy and understandable way.

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience where you'll explore and investigate diverse contexts. Harness the power of Service Design Thinking to shape remarkable customer experiences. Develop your Visual Thinking skills and master the art of compelling storytelling. Lastly, unlock your creative potential by designing future scenarios and delivering impactful final presentations.

  • Exploring and investigating the context

    • Research based on business objectives

    • Figitisation and the digital transformation of experience

    • Sector trends

    • Looking at the user experience and touchpoints

  • Service Design (Service Design Thinking)

    • The importance of service design

    • Service design tools (Journeys y blueprints)

    • Adding value to improve the user experience

  • Visual Thinking

    • Expanding the ability to look: multi-channel scanning.

    • Metaphor and symbolic representation.

    • Mapping tools (physical and digitals).

    • Visualising evidence.
  • Storytelling

    • The importance of story in explaining complex things

    • Empathy and persuasion.

    • Narrative of the experience 

    • Integrating storytelling into the sale of the service.

  • Designing future scenarios and final presentation

    • Mapping a service.
    • How to implement a service, roadmaps and stakeholders.
    • Presentation of the final work.
    • Documentation and content deliverables.

  • Designers
  • Service Designers
  • Design Thinkers and innovation consultants
  • Interior designers and architects
  • Content strategists
  • Project managers who want to improve their skills in adding value in servitisation.

  • Flexibility to combine training with the rest of your professional and personal responsibilities. 
  • Tutored training. The trainer will accompany you to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the program. 
  • Resources available on campus. 
  • Practical activities. 
  • Synchronous videoconferences with teachers. 
  • Videoconferences are held between 18h -22h CET compatible with all time zones. 
  • Workload: 15h per week.

Mari Huasasquiche
Mari Huasasquiche Senior Service Designer, Trainer & Facilitator LinkedIn

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